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Meet the team

👋 Hi! My name is Clive Donnley and I am working to build Atlas in Kenya. I have grown up in Kenya with much insight from local and global views regards to flagrant violation of human rights that dispense more human suffering and amplified social injustices from ecocide, inequalities, xenophobic attacks, extremism, nationalism, increased conflicts, and even enormous effects of climate change. I joined Atlas because I believe injustices offend definite dispositions of our human consciousness and there is a critical need to defend human rights and join the global ambition in advocating for pragmatic reforms in all principled institutions and government systems in securing our common human future and create a Union for Democracy.

Our first projects

Kenya is not exceptional from social injustices and other enormous challenges mounted to the climate crisis. 🇰🇪 Kenya's advancements stand a potential in connecting the Union for Democracy. We believe that the only way to tackle the biggest threats of our time is through the creation of a global movement of people standing as One to fight for our future through linking partnership, cooperation, and pragmatism that will serve the local and international interest in a multilateral framework. With this in mind, the newly-created Atlas chapter is looking to work on the impact of climate change in our rural areas, advance democracy installs innovative leaders, and advance peace for resilient societies.


Join us

Our future is being re-invented! The urge to unite is stronger than ever. Take a step and be part of the solution in securing the future. JOIN US! 🚀



For more inquiries, feel free to reach out to me 📩 at [email protected]